Oregon Governor formally orders new restrictions on Coronavirus

The governor of Oregon issued an executive order on Tuesday applying a new wave of restrictions to public life as part of the state’s efforts to combat the coronavirus.

notice desde Kate BrownOregon Governor, Kate Brown, has warned that violators of the “ freeze ” of the Corona virus may face prison, and for massive purposes Night Health Care: States have re-imposed widespread restrictions on the emerging Corona virus, the Governor of Oregon has ordered a “ freeze ” for a period Two weeks amid an increase in Coronavirus cases. MoreThe (D) office indicated that all restaurants in the state will be limited to serving take-out orders and delivery, while gyms, museums and some other companies will be forced to close completely.

Shops that remain open will also operate under reduced maximum occupancy rules, and companies in the state have been instructed to allow employees to work from home whenever possible.

“I know that Oregonians have made tremendous sacrifices during this pandemic and that these temporary new restrictions may appear daunting,” Brown said in a statement. “But we are on the verge of collapse. If we do not take more action, we risk constantly rising anxiety in injuries and hospitalizations, and risking the lives of our neighbors and loved ones.

“I also know that Oregonians meet in times of need, and we owe each other to take these measures seriously. It is up to all of us to work together to control this virus.”

Brown initially announced the restrictions she described as a “freeze” of public life. last week Cases soared across the state and across the country.

The state witnessed more than 1,000 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday and Saturday last week, the first time that state health officials recorded so many confirmed cases in a single day.

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