OrderIQ Mobile Phone 3D Screen Magnifier 3D Video Screen Amplifier Extended Eye Protection Support for all smartphones

price: 799.00 S.R 399.00 Indian Rupees
(As of January 26, 2021 20:55:08 UT – details)

Features Zoom In / Zoom Out, Eye Protection, Radiation Protection, Arc. – The mobile phone screen magnifier is foldable, suitable for any cell phone. – It is HD and has a large screen, especially suitable for watching 3D movies. – The bracket at the base can adjust the visual angle, suitable for playing the game, catching up with drama, and watching a movie. – Round silicone pull button, extended design to protect the big screen, and non-slip silicone pad to protect your phone. – HD phone screen magnifier is similar to a phone projector that enlarges the phone screen from 2 to 4 times. This will reduce the discomfort and visual fatigue caused by focusing on a small screen for a long time.

* Fit for Any Cell Phone – This Leather Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier comes with a holder and phone holder that fits all smartphones
* Reduce the problems of viewing the small screen for a long time so that the eyes become very uncomfortable and harmful
* Foldable & Portable Design – Foldable design, lightweight and compact, compact, convenient to carry, suitable for indoors, office, desktop, travel, flight, etc
* Lightweight and Portable – Lightweight, easy to carry, using high-precision optical zoom technology, effectively preventing the radiation from the mobile phone from harming the human body

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