OPPO turns on, and the smartphone appears with an expandable screen

OPPO has just shown the world’s first foldable smartphone. The company did this during the press conference for OPPO INNO Day 2020. The name of this device is OPPO X 2021, and it should be noted that it is a concept smartphone.

At this time, we are not sure if this device will go on sale or not. OPPO decided to simply show the technology to the world, before LG did so. As a side note, LG is expected to announce its foldable smartphone in the first half of 2021. It is likely that the LG phone will go on sale.

OPPO X 2021 is the company’s first foldable smartphone with an expandable screen

Anyway, OPPO X 2021 is an interesting phone, that’s for sure. It looks a lot like a regular smartphone, but its screen expands horizontally. It comes with a 6.7 inch OLED screen that can be expanded to a 7.4 inch panel.

OPPO says the device uses a comb-like internal structure. This is supposed to maintain “consistent force, whatever its shape”. It’s an interesting and effective solution, or at least it looks like it.

An inside, or shaped drive is included Oppo It is referred to as “rotary motor powertrain”. OPPO has also included something called “Warp Track”, which is high-strength screen sheets.

This is all that OPPO has shared about the device so far. We couldn’t see it live, in use, just some demos and graphics, unfortunately. It is hoped that OPPO will manufacture them and at least deliver them to outlets as concept phones.

We don’t know when OPPO is planning to manufacture and sell rotatable devices

The company clearly plans to manufacture rotatable devices and allow users to buy them, but we’re not sure when exactly that will happen. OPPO hasn’t shared any of this information yet.

On the other hand, LG plans to announce its foldable smartphone in the first half of next year. Based on the information we have so far, the company plans to sell this device. It will be announced as part of the company’s Explorer program, as the LG Wing. Swivel phones seem to be getting ready to tackle foldable phones, and this is a battle worth watching.

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