OnePlus announces a multi-year partnership with camera maker Hasselblad

Smartphone manufacturer OnePlus says that since 2013, there has been a growing interest in photography with its mobile phones. The company says it has always prioritized a premium user experience over everything else. Starting this year, efforts are focused on significantly improving users’ smartphone camera experience.

OnePlus Did you announce Three-year partnership with camera manufacturer Hasselblad. The partnership will see Hasselblad and OnePlus develop future generations of camera systems for leading smartphones. One of the first results of the partnership will be a revamped camera system known as Hasselblad Camera for Mobile that will debut on March 23 when the OnePlus 9 series is unveiled.

The partnership between the smartphone maker and the camera manufacturer got off to a strong start. For the past several months, OnePlus says, its imaging team has been collaborating closely with Hasselblad R&D as companies work together to reimagine and redefine the approach to color accuracy on OnePlus smartphones. An entirely new color solution developed by the partnership is called Natural Color Calibration with Hasselblad.

OnePlus says the new color solution will serve as the standard for color calibration in future smartphone camera systems. The smartphone maker also worked with a select number of Hasselblad’s 12 ambassadors around the world to gather feedback to improve smartphone camera systems.

OnePlus says it is also doubling down on its long-term commitment to developing mobile photography. Over the next three years, the company will invest $ 150 million to upgrade and improve its imaging capabilities and bring the latest camera technology to smartphone buyers. Among the new technologies being developed by the panoramic camera with a 140-degree field of view, T-lens fast focus technology, and new research and development laboratories around the world.

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