Old Colorado License Plate Style – Remember the Green Mountains? It may actually be back in 2022

The Green Mountains are (really) getting ready for a comeback next year.

Colorado lawmakers are working to develop legislation that would make retro state license plates – green mountains rather than white ones – available for a surcharge as soon as possible by 2022. That’s thanks. Senate Bill 69, Which may also require Coloradans to acquire new plates when purchasing a new or used vehicle.

Older panels will cost up to $ 75 more, with $ 25 going to the Disability Support Fund.

Senator. Kevin Priolla, a Republican from Henderson and champion of legislation, last year tried to bring back the green license plates, but the 2020 bill was rejected by Gov. Jared Polis due to a problem with the legislation. It allowed the state’s automotive division to collect new fees without spending them.

“We encourage the sponsors of the bill and the General Assembly to put the bill up again at the next session,” Polis, a Democrat, wrote in his letter using the veto.

Priola listened – and made a few changes. A bill last year had converted all new Colorado panels into the old-fashioned. But under the 2021 Act, White Mountains remains the default board and the old-school option is a special board like the one you might buy if you were a Colorado graduate or fan of the former Nolan Arenado baseball team.

The only hitch: if not enough people want old paintings, they may not be available. This seems unlikely, though.

Accessing old-fashioned panels is just an advantage of an enactment. Priola says the real reason for the bill is public safety.

Currently, motorists can keep their license plates forever. This is a problem because over time the numbers fade away, making them difficult for law enforcement to read and impossible for highway cameras to scan.

Priiola was driving recently to the Capitol and saw a Toyota Corolla with a rear license plate that faded so much that it looked like the numbers were covered in Wite-Out.

Colorado license plate is so faint that letters and numbers are not readable. (Kevin Briolla, special for The Colorado Sun)

Also, people have been known to avoid registration fees by paying the prices of old vehicles attached to their old license plates even when purchasing a new car. Old cars have cheaper annual registration fees. The aim is to protect state coffers from depleting people who abuse the system in this way, Briolla said.

“It forces people to abide by the law,” he said.

If you like your license plate numbers and letters and don’t want to change them when purchasing a new car, you’ll be able to keep them for a Senate Bill 69 fee.

(In case you were wondering, there are currently 180 types of license plates in Colorado.)

The Senate Peel 69 passed the committee’s first hearing with unanimous endorsement on Monday.


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