Odo-Rite Kennel Laundry Detergent / Pet Floor Cleaner with Odor Neutral (1000 ml)

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Product Description



A futuristic cleaning solution that solves your cleaning concerns in a jiffy. It contains strong enough ingredients for cleaning, without any harmful effects. Protect your beloved pets from the invasion of harmful bacteria, pathogens, and other microorganisms. Deodorants will remove stubborn stains and dirt. With natural enzymatic bacteria acting as a protective shield it will erase the odor. Being a water-based solution, Odo-Rite Kennel Lotion contains no dangerous propellant and leaves no chemical residue.

Odo-Rite Kennel Wash can be used to clean:

Kennels, cats, pets, travel boxes, dog cages, small pet cages for guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.


Shake well before use. It can be applied directly to the stain or used as a dilute. For general daily cleaning, dilute 20 ml in half a bucket of water and then mop the floor. For best results, use daily. For tough stains like dog urine / faeces, apply the solution directly, and spray Odo-Rite Pet Zone Freshener on the cleaned area for best results.


Keep out of the reach of children and pets. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with a large amount of water and seek medical advice, if swallowed / swallowed immediately seek medical advice, use as directed.

Smell free home

Smell free kennel

Smell free kennel

Get rid of stains and urine odor encountered by your child in a safe and natural way. With the natural enzyme bacteria acting as a protective shield, it is easy for you to clean the kennel with ease.

Free cleaning solution

Cleaning solution

Cleaning solution

Cleaning your cat’s litter box is very simple when using Odo-Rite dog washing solution. It can be used in all types of fabrics and is safe for people, pets and the planet

Wash the kennel to keep the rug clean

Keep the rug clean

Keep the rug clean

Use Odo-rite Kennel Lotion to clean carpets, carpets, pet beds, and kennels. Get rid of the bad smell and keep your pet accessories safe and clean, the natural way!

Pet accessories are odor-free

Pet accessories

Pet accessories

Odo-Rite Kennel Lotion can be used to clean pet beds, dog harnesses, dog collars, and any other fabric that your pet can access without restrictions. Being an aqueous formulation, Odo-Rite kennel lotion is chemical-free, biodegradable and a natural product.


Our story began in 2016 with the goal of creating safer home care products. Odo-Rite uses biotechnology to create safe and effective natural products

RAM NATH is the leading distributor of industrial chemicals, polymers, additives, and health and nutrition products. With a rich heritage of 75 years, Ram-Nath has created value in the supply chain by serving diverse industrial sectors.

Ram-Nath launched its first consumer brand ODO-RITE in 2016. Ram-Nath has also entered the world of Ayurveda through LiveRight.

Pet floor cleaner
Wash the doghouse

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