Nurse Judy Durring in South Dakota says dying patients deny the coronavirus is real

Durring said she has covid-19 patients who need 100 percent oxygen breathing help who will also swear they don’t have the disease that has ended the lives of nearly a quarter of a million people in the United States since February.

“I think the most difficult thing to watch is that people are still looking for something else and a magic answer, and they don’t want to believe that Covid is real,” Durring said. CNN In an interview on Monday.

“Their last words are,” This cannot happen. It’s not real, Durring said, adding that some patients prefer to believe they have pneumonia or other illnesses rather than Covid-19, despite seeing their positive test results.

Doering’s tweets over the weekend spread very quickly and elicited reactions from residents, healthcare workers and local officials.

“Coronavirus is amplifying the frustration and helplessness of our frontline healthcare workers,” wrote Nick Wendell, a member of the city council, Brookings, on Twitter. “We are in the midst of the storm now. When we see our way to the other side, the grief of health care workers in our state will be among the rubble.”

The The United States has passed 11 million cases of coronavirus On Sunday, health experts warned of bleak weeks ahead, urging the public to take the epidemic seriously and adhere to strict social distancing rules. They also urged government officials to implement more restrictions, such as statewide mask authorizations, to stop the spread.

Corona Virus Cases are increasing rapidly across the country, but North and South Dakota topped the country in the number of new cases and deaths per capita last week, according to Washington Post data.

In North Dakota, where cases have skyrocketed in the past month, the ruling Republican said. Doug Borghum also admitted to the phenomenon of infidelity among the population. Borgham appealed to his fellow residents Late last week, to take precautions because the state’s hospitals are overwhelmed with patients.

“You don’t have to believe in covid, you don’t have to believe in a particular political party or not, you don’t have to believe whether the masks work or not. You can do that because you know one thing is very real. That means 100 percent of our energy is being used up.” Now, “Borgum said.

Last week, South Dakota reported an 18.2 percent increase in daily deaths and a 26.5 percent increase in hospitalizations, according to the data. Tracked by The Post. The South Dakota Department of Health reported 2020 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday, a record high for positive results in a 24-hour period.

“It’s difficult and sad because every hospital, every nurse and every doctor in the state sees the same things,” Durring told CNN. “These people get sick the same way, you treat them the same way, they die the same way, and then you do it again.”

Griffe Witte and Tony Romm contributed to this report.

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