Norway: the freighter has been adrift for two days without a crew or an engine

Towing attempts had to be postponed due to weather conditions. Launch of a Dutch freighter, the “Eemslift Hendrika” a distress call on monday late in the morning while transporting several smaller ships between Germany and Norway, a storm that has displaced part of its cargo.

The twelve members of the crew were evacuated in two stages the same day by the Norwegian rescue services: the first eight were hoisted from the deck of the freighter while the last four had to take the plunge. One of them was injured.

Norwegian authorities remain concerned that a possible sinking could lead to an oil leak, as the cargo ship contains 350 m3 of heavy fuel oil, 75 m3 of diesel and 10 m3 of lubricating oil. “The situation seems more stable, but there is still the risk of it capsizing,” Hans-Petter Mortensholm, an official with the Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket), told AFP.

The operations to tow the “Eemslift Hendrika” were to be carried out initially this Wednesday, April 7, in the morning, then in the afternoon, but the authorities announced in the middle of the day. its postponement until Thursday morning due to bad weather. “Physical safety (of personnel) is always the top priority in situations like this and rescue must be able to be carried out in complete safety,” said Hans-Petter Mortensholm.

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