no, there are no detention camps for the sick

Today a poison that is currently found all over the world, has New Zealand set up camps for those who don’t want to be tested? New Zealand, a good student in the fight against the virus, would have launched camps to isolate those who resist the implemented health policy by the government, in any case that’s what the conservative American channel Fox News, announced October 28

To back up his claims, another video is broadcast showing New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda ardern they announce that “if a person refuses, in our facilities, to take the test, they must stay, so they cannot leave after fourteen days. They will have to stay another fourteen days.” It’s a pretty good incentive.

Then a video of the Minister of Health evoking specialized establishments. There we are, quarantine + specialized establishment = camps, the proof is there, except that the mathematical conspiracy is a bit simplistic since, as the newspaper explains Launching The Prime Minister’s speech dates from August 12, her minister on the 15th. At that time there were new cases of the virus on the island and the camps, they are hotels … It’s all a matter of vocabulary.

The same chain of fake news contamination

It is quite interesting to see that when it comes to rumors about the coronavirus, a chain of contamination is configured, always the same. A rumor arises in parallel social networks and then it is transmitted to popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter and then it is picked up by some media.

However, this intoxication is easily verifiable. Just go to the Quai d’Orsay website. For travelers to New Zealand, it is written: “Anyone entering New Zealand must spend a 14-day isolation period in a containment facility located near Auckland Airport. ”

A New Zealand government website even explains things to do in these quarantine zones, we can answer journalists’ questions, call relatives at any time or go online, so it is not really a violation of the law as some claim.

The popularization of “Covid camps”

And why would only New Zealand opt for this formula of radical isolation? Many supporters of the conspiracy see camps in Canada, Australia, the United States and even France due to a misinterpretation of the provisions of the state of health emergency.

Here everything is a matter of lexical fields since using the word camp instead of residence or hotel resonates like a disastrous echo of History to make an impact. So no, there are no detention camps for covid patients or those who do not want to take a test … The best barrier gesture before this type of message? Do not diffuse, as effective as hydroalcoholic gel.

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