Nintendo had a huge Switch sales month in October

While Sony and Microsoft struggle to keep the latest consoles in stock, Nintendo was one of its best-known Nintendo Switch sales of all time.

Some of the gigantic 735,000+ Nintendo Switch consoles were purchased in the US alone for the month of October, smashing some sales numbers for video game consoles overall. Not just from Nintendo.

to me Engadget, This is Nintendo’s highest October sales of the Switch in the US since its release in March 2017. What’s more, it outperformed other consoles on a very large scale. At least when it comes to the monthly numbers.

The Nintendo Switch had the second-highest sales of consoles in October ever

Nintendo is constantly hitting those big numbers. More than 735,000 switches were sold in October making it more of the best October for Nintendo sales in the US. It’s also the second best October sales numbers of any console ever.

In fact, sales are second only to the Nintendo Wii. That sold around 807.00 in the best month of October when it was still at the peak of its popularity.

It actually looks great on Nintendo. But it gets better. Because that makes the Switch the 23rd consecutive bestselling console. Which means it has surpassed sales on the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and almost any other console over the past two years.

Sure enough, that was already a few years into the life cycle of the PS4 and Xbox One, so both of these companies had a head start. It’s worth noting that people who are locked home most of the year likely contributed to the higher sales numbers overall.

And October is close enough with the holidays that many people might try to pick up the Switch as a gift.

Both Switch Account and Switch Lite sales

It wasn’t just the Switch that helped Nintendo succeed last month. Switch Lite had an important role to play, too.

Nintendo of America boss Doug Bowser also believes that the popularity of the two devices will continue for the rest of the holiday season. Which means that he expects Switch and Switch Lite sales to be fairly high in November and December as well.

That would make sense. Given that people tend to buy gifts all the way until the latter part of December.

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