nine of the miners trapped underground died

Following an explosion on January 10 at a gold mine in Qixia in China, authorities announced on Monday, January 25 that the death of nine of the 10 miners who remain trapped, despite the “tireless efforts” of rescuers. A total of 22 workers had been stranded several hundred meters deep.

Last week, a man succumbed to his injuries underground. On Sunday, emergency services were able to get 11 minors alive, in front of the cameras of national television. “Unfortunately, nine other miners were found dead” and their bodies were “brought to the surface,” said the mayor of Yantai, the city that Qixia runs.

The investigation continues trying to find the last miner trapped underground. But the chances of finding him alive are low: in fact, the man probably hasn’t eaten for two weeks. In addition, the rescuers do not know where he is and could not establish contact with him.

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