Nicaragua looks to space with a new Ministry of Space Affairs

Nicaragua, the tiny country in Central America, voted to form a new department called the National Ministry for Extraterrestrial Space Affairs, the Moon and other celestial bodies, a word that affirms the nation’s new focus on space and all the mysteries it holds. The Nicaraguan army will control the ministry, and it remains unclear what exactly they have planned.

The decision to launch the new ministry was passed on Wednesday by 76 lawmakers. to me News agencyOnly 15 lawmakers opposed it. The move proved surprising, with domestic and international critics pointing out that Nicaragua has more pressing issues to address, and that, at this time, it lacks the resources and capacity to undertake this kind of scientific effort.

Space has become a lofty goal for many nations looking to the scientific and economic potential it holds. The new Nicaraguan extraterrestrial ministry has nothing to do with foreigners, but instead intends to “promote the development of space activities” in order to expand “the state’s capabilities in the fields of education, industry, science and technology.”

How the ministry plans to achieve this is unclear, as are any potential projects that may be in the pipeline. The timing of the new section is odd given the struggle Nicaragua has faced amid the pandemic, as well as the economic problems that make space exploration seem little more than a distant dream at this time.

It is not known whether the Division of Extraterrestrial Space Affairs will continue to implement any projects anytime in the near future, but critics remain skeptical and point to the need to focus on more pressing concerns – such as obtaining and distributing COVID-19 vaccines and addressing allegations of human rights violations. .

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