New York is dealing with COVID-19 well but the numbers keep rising

New York City – The eastern half of the country and specifically New York, despite the increase in cases of Coronavirus, remained among the states achieving better results in this second wave.

Mayor Bill de Blasio thinks it’s a matter of preparations.

“This is one piece of the bigger puzzle that explains why New York City has so far managed to do a much better job than other parts of the country, because of the behavior of New Yorkers every day,” he said during a press conference on Tuesday. “Because we are setting things that will make a difference.”

Despite the progress New York has made, there is still cause for concern. Daily indicators are tracked every day by both city and state. From the number of cases to the number of hospitalizations to the daily positive rates, the numbers keep rising.

De Blasio asked: “Do people end up in the intensive care unit?” “Do they end up in danger? Until now, they are moving forward and that is crucial.”

During de Blasio’s daily briefing, the test was again confirmed by the mayor and his team. It is the largest measure and illustration for public health officials.

It tells them where the virus is, where it is spreading, and where to stop it.

This is where Dr. Ted Long and the town’s testing and research team step in.

“We have achieved the lowest sustained levels of the virus anywhere in the country,” Long said.

Now it’s up to New Yorkers to help direct the data and science where it’s going.

He will rely on wearing masks, staying socially distant, washing hands frequently, and avoiding large gatherings that are already limited to 10 people across the state.

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