New York City Coronavirus Update: Cuomo says the school’s positivity rate should be considered before closing

New York City (WABC) – New York City should take into account the school’s COVID-19 positivity rate when determining whether to close it to personal learning, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday.

Cuomo warned of a very quick decision to close schools.

“School closures have side consequences that people don’t often think of,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo said school closures make it harder for parents to go to work, creates problems with underprivileged children dependent on meals served in schools, and makes children more likely to spend more time on the street in areas with higher positivity rates.

Cuomo also said that parents and educators should be part of the decision-making process.

The governor’s comments came in stark contrast to Mayor Bill de Blasio who said this week that New York City will stick to its school closure policy if the city’s average seven-day positivity rate exceeds 3%.

On Saturday, the city reported a positive rate of 2.47% for seven days and as a result, officials say schools are currently still open.

They said: “We expect that a positive daily test will lead to a fill and increase as more test results are entered into the system, but we do not expect this increase to push the 7-day average to 3%.”

This is down from 2.83% the day before when it was Major said parents should have a plan.

Some parents believe that closing schools for personal learning is not good for their children’s mental health. Opponents of distance learning will stage a rally in Folly Square on Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, new restrictions have taken effect Friday night in New York state as gyms, bars and restaurants now have to close at 10pm. Any venue with a state liquor license should also close at 10pm

However, eating outside of that hour is allowed, but alcoholic beverages which have become a popular choice for patrons and money makers for restaurants are not permitted.

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