new restrictions in Beijing in the face of a new epidemic

A year ago, Jan 11, 2020, Beijing announced the death of the first known victim of the new coronavirus in Wuhan, central China. The death of this man will be followed by 2 million deaths worldwide.

The Chinese capital is on alert again: on the way to the winter resorts, the roads are deserted. Police in Covid in the main entrances of the change bar and on secondary roads, municipal agents prevent residents from entering and leaving the province after the discovery of a hundred new patients.

We are on alert 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of the population and prevent the spread of the virus ”, explains an agent. This guard, a member of the neighborhood commissions, has resumed his position, just like last year when the epidemic broke out in the country.

In Beijing, life remains suspended while it had returned to normal for six months: the northern districts are again isolated after the discovery of new cases. Tracking, detection and isolation, much to the despair of this young woman. “I thought it was over, but these new cases caught us off guard,” he laments. The Chinese government calls the people stay home as much as possible and urges caution. “I don’t worry too much, the only important thing is to think about protecting yourself well,” explains a disciplined father.

What are the restrictions?

Shops, bars, cinemas and restaurants are still open, but wearing a mask is still mandatory. You have to scan a health QR code everywhere with his cell phone, a tracking application quite well accepted by the population.

Total, 9 million people have been vaccinated by the authorities. In Beijing, buildings have been requisitioned to speed up the vaccination campaign ahead of Chinese New Year, which will take place in just over a month. Mandatory quarantine for people from abroad has been used for two to three weeks.

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