New Horizons Festivale Event Update – Animal Crossing: What To Expect Revealed

Nintendo today announced a new update for the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is on the way. This looks a little smaller than some of the other updates we’ve seen Animal crossing Veterinarians will likely want to take part in the festivities. The update arrives later this week, and is adding a new event called Festivale to Animal crossing.

During the festival, which will take place on February 15th, a new character named Dancer Pavé will arrive on the player’s islands and have space in their arenas for the whole day. Throughout the day, players will be able to pick up feathers floating around their island and exchange them for the Dancer Pavé to “get an emotional dance number in return”. In its announcement today, Nintendo noted that rainbow feathers are particularly rare, so grab them if you come across any.

We weren’t told what we’d get in exchange for trading rainbow feathers with Dancer Pavé, as it looks like Nintendo wants to keep this secret for players to find out for themselves. Anyway, besides visiting the Dancer Pavé, we’ll also get the Viva Festival Reaction kit, which will be available from Nook’s Cranny for a limited time once the update is finished.

On top of that, the Able Sisters will also sell Festivale-themed clothing starting February 1st, but like the Viva Festival Reaction collection, which will only be available for a limited time as well. Finally, Nook Shopping and Nook Stop at Resident Services will sell limited-time seasonal items from February 1-14, so keep an eye out for those while you play.

This does so for all the things that will be included in the Festivale event, but Nintendo says there will be another event coming in March. We’ll be watching in more detail on that, but for now, I’m looking for this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update for landing on January 28th.

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