nearly 100,000 complaints against American Boy Scouts for sexual abuse

The American Scouts organization, Boy Scouts of America, continues to decline. Destined for an impressive number of pedophile allegations, she decided to file for bankruptcy in early 2020 to establish a safeguard procedure that would allow her to continue her activities and launch a compensation fund to help the victims. .

Therefore, they had until Monday, November 16 to demonstrate. Total, 95,000 complaints were reported, all related to cases ofsexual abuse. As Paul Moses, an attorney for some victims, explains, the ages of the plaintiffs vary widely, from 10 to 90.

These acts of sexual violence have taken place over several decades. “We are horrified by the number of lives they have suffered past abuses among Scouts and touched by the courage of those who have come out of the silence, “the organization regrets in a statement.

“Is by far biggest sexual abuse scandal in United States“, estimates Paul Moses. The lawyer points out that the exploration for a long time offered a” perfect “environment for pedophiles:” children swear allegiance, they are distant from their parents and isolated in the middle of nature. “

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