NASA is about to launch the first meteorological network on another planet

NASA says that once its probe reaches Mars early next year, it will start receiving “weather” reports from an array of sensors on the spacecraft. NASA calls this tool the Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer (MEDA), and it’s a tool designed to measure and report basic information like wind speed, temperature, and more.

The rover was launched last summer and will reach Mars in February 2021, joining and orbiting other NASA rovers on the planet. The new rover will have a number of missions to complete upon its arrival; It will, for example, collect samples for a future mission to recover and return to Earth.

One of its tasks is to collect basic weather reports from the Red Planet using MEDA, including the direction and speed of the planet’s winds, temperatures, humidity level, and pressure.

This information will be an important part of the goals of NASA’s future manned mission. Since Mars does not contain any breathable oxygen, let alone extreme temperatures and other issues, it will be necessary to build habitable structures on the planet for astronauts.

The MEDA software for Perseverance is designed to work alongside the tools in the InSight landing craft and the Curiosity vehicle, and the trio will provide the data that make up What NASA says It will be “the first meteorological network on another planet.” MEDA will bring something new to the planet, which is the ability to accurately measure dust particles in the atmosphere, including their size, shape and quantity.

This is an important tool for NASA, which indicates that dust is spreading over everything on Mars and that it plays a large role in the planet’s weather. The MEDA data will help NASA learn more about the chemical processes behind it, paving the way for future missions

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