NASA Ingenuity Mars detailed helicopter live broadcast plans

After two previously announced milestones that include its innovative helicopter on Mars, NASA has detailed its plan for a live broadcast of the first controlled flight of the spacecraft. Of course, this will not include an actual video feed of the helicopter while it is launching at its historic moment, but it will bring in viewers throughout the flight.

NASA usually broadcasts its highlights, like the launch of rockets, and creativity-controlled flight is no exception. As NASA announced previously, the space agency plans to conduct this potential historic mission no later than April 11th – and for now, it plans to attempt the flight. running April 11.

Early that morning – 3:30 a.m. EST or so – NASA says it will begin a live broadcast to confirm the flight, assuming it does, which will include NASA’s JPL analysis of its first controlled flight data. Later, at around 11 a.m. EDT on the same day, NASA will hold a post-flight briefing to summarize the mission and give general details about what happened.

A number of NASA officials are expected to participate in the live briefing, including many members of the creative team. Container Will give the audience An opportunity to pose questions to the team using the hashtag #MarsHelicopter on social media. Viewers will be able to control the live broadcast on NASA TV, as well as on the NASA website, YouTube and Facebook accounts, and the NASA app.

The Mars Perseverance rover carried creativity with it to the Red Planet, where it landed on February 18th. Ingenuity doesn’t have a mission in itself – it will be used to demonstrate technology and collect data for experts on the ground. Assuming the helicopter is operating a controlled flight, it will be the first time humanity has operated an aircraft on another planet.

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