NASA astronauts step outside the International Space Station on a 237 spacewalk

NASA astronauts performed 237 spacewalks on the outer surface of the International Space Station today. The astronauts are Victor Glover and Mike Hopkins, who went out on their fifth spacewalk in 2021 to continue carrying out upgrades to the space station systems. The two astronauts performed a 6.5-hour spacewalk to further upgrade the communications and cooling systems of the orbiting laboratory.

The astronauts The mission was expected to exit the Quest airlock at approximately 7:30 AM ET, and was expected to take approximately six and a half hours. However, they were a little behind schedule. Glover and Hopkins will work on the gears of the station’s harbor, the backbone of the International Space Station. They will vent the early ammonia system connection lines and move one of the lines near the Quest airlock to reconnect the jumper cable to the plant cooling system, thus increasing its efficiency.

The cables are also slated to be delivered to Bartolomeo’s Parking Position Interface, an external pallet, in the science lab. This work is a continuation of the work that occurred on January 27th to replace the cable for an amateur radio system.

It is also planned to replace the wireless antenna assembly in the unit delivery unit. This unit connects the Russian and American parts of the space station. Astronauts will also install a “booster” on the thermal airlock and guide cables to provide Ethernet capability for high-resolution cameras on port boxes.

Spacewalk represents Operation 237 aboard the International Space Station and is Glover’s fourth spacewalk and Hopkins’ fifth spacewalk. While outside the International Space Station, Hopkins wears a high-resolution camera to provide a clear view of the conductors of the Columbus module.

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