mysterious disappearance of a wooden penis

It is a rather unique work of art that was stolen last weekend in Bavaria. German police investigate mysterious disappearance an imposing wooden sculpture of a penis enthroned for years at the top of the Bavarian Alps and becoming a local attraction for hikers.

This sculpture, almost two meters high, representing an erect giant phallus, would have disappeared last weekend. “We have opened an investigation”Kempten, Bavarian police spokesman Holger Stabik told AFP. The base of this sculpture located at the top of the Grünten, at an altitude of 1,738 meters it would have been cut off. Only the stump and wood chips remain, the local newspaper wrote. Allgäuer Zeitung.

The police remain skeptical, because the author of this sculpture and his presence at this summit are unknown so far. “We don’t know if this is a crime,” Holger Stabik said. “Even if it is not our privileged track, it could be its owner who cut it down to get it back“says the local police spokesman.

A sculpture that made the region known

The sculpture had already made headlines in the local press a few weeks ago, having been tipped over on the ground before being placed on its pedestal. The mayor of Rettenberg, the municipality on which the summit depends, judged “very unfortunate” that this unusual monument that allowed us to speak of the region has disappeared. The online mapping service Google Maps had also referred to the sculpture as a “cultural monument.”

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