Mother is lighting up Twitter with her housework strike

We are in 2021, but obviously there is still a lot of work to do. Many Internet users have been passionate about the adventures of Miss Potkin, a mother in her thirties in recent days. The young woman has in fact decided to put herself in “housework strikeOn March 15, without specifying it to the other occupants of the house, her husband and their three children including a baby, to see the reaction of the latter. An experience that he shared with his 21,000 subscribers on Twitter.

Two days later, the mother shared a snapshot of her kitchen, in which the dishes were piled up, both in the sink and on the counter, she says FranceInfo. No one except Miss Potkin seems to mind the stacks of bowls, plates, or the many dirty cups and silverware. In her post, the mother is even ironic. “At some point, they will run out of spoons, cups and plates,” he wrote before adding “Who will break first? I do not. “

Miss Potkin continued to share the results of her experiment, describing how his house gradually turned into a mess : the toilet paper roll is not changed, the piles of clothes in the bedrooms because the laundry basket is full or a charred sausage left in a saucepan if it cannot be thrown away, which is also full to the brim.

Four days later …

Consciousness appears to have been activated on the fourth day of the experience. In a new post, Miss Potkin, visibly pleasantly surprised, shares a snapshot of your partner putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher. A first victory for the mother, who continues to count the transformations, now positive, of the home. While her husband seems to have taken charge of the situation, she is even surprised by some of their exchanges. This is how she relates having wanted to enter the kitchen, when the man stopped her: “don’t walk here, it’s dirty”, before starting to clean the floor.

If her strike has been criticized by some netizens, Miss Potkin is satisfied with the experience, which she found amusing, although she does not repeat it. The mother notably reminded her detractors that they are “a totally normal person who is a little fed up with housework,” including she usually takes care of herself.

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