Morning routine, much more than a habit

Starting off on the right foot is not always easy. But with a good morning routine, you will arrive very easily. This little morning habit has many advantages. Not only would you enjoy a special moment with yourself, but you would also have the opportunity to improve your efficiency throughout the day. Away from stress and frustration.

These are Kazidomi’s tips.

What is a morning routine?

morning routine

In recent years, we have heard a lot about morning routine (morning routine). But did you know that it is much more than a delusion of youtubers of beauty? In fact, it is a true tool for personal development. The principle is simple: get up early to give yourself a little time to get ready for the day.

With the morning routineTherefore, the goal is to establish a small ritual that you will repeat every morning. Which will create a habit that will impact your lifestyle. In fact, the advantages are very numerous and diverse.

Top 5 reasons to get up earlier

Maybe the idea of ​​getting up at 5:30 am doesn’t excite you anymore. Maybe even the phrase ” the world is one of those who get up early It exasperates you. It doesn’t make sense to you. And yet there are a thousand and one reasons to establish a morning routine.

By getting up 1 hour earlier every day, you save 365 hours a year. Which is equivalent to 15 days! Impressive isn’t it? Plus, setting your alarm clock forward does a lot of things and might even help you change the way you view your lifestyle.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 other benefits of having a morning routine.

Enjoy the calm

Have you not noticed that our daily life is marked by noise? So why not take advantage of the silence? By waking up before everyone else, you have this moment of peace.

Take time for yourself

Getting up earlier is also have time to dedicate to yourself. This is the perfect time for you beauty routine in the morning. It is also a great way to have a space to enjoy what attracts you and what makes you happy. Whether it’s reading, meditating, nail polishing, it doesn’t matter. Take advantage of this moment to start the day with the things you love. Perfect for having a positive mood.

The morning routineYou are also giving your body more time to get going, without rushing. You will be able to eat your breakfast more slowly. You could easily choose your outfit. And you could fully enjoy your coffee.

Adopt a healthier lifestyle

Waking up earlier obviously means going to bed earlier (before midnight). Then you will enjoy quality sleep and will be in better shape.

Also, a routine in the morning cash is the time to do sport. Revitalize your body with a jog, a yoga session, or a short walk. It will give you energy for the whole day and it will also be easier for you to exercise.

In addition, you will have time to have a real breakfast. This is essential to stay in good shape until lunch and to avoid snacking. Don’t be afraid to eat a big meal in the morning – you’ll burn energy all day.

With a morning routine If you are successful, you can also come to the office by bike or on foot. Thus, you would not have to face traffic jams or bad smells from the subway, which saps your morale in the morning. All this while doing a physical activity.

Gain efficiency

Thanks to your morning routine, your body and mind are already wide awake as soon as you arrive at the office. Therefore, it can be effective directly. The morning can also be a time to catch up on the night before.

Reduce the risk of depression.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle, take time for yourself, practice physical activity or meditate… All this contributes to good psychological health. You could also better fight the risks of depression, which are increasingly common in our particularly stressful society.

How to establish your morning routine? The stages

The morning routines are not reserved for Adults professionally active. You can also adopt a morning routine for classes or a morning routine for school what to do with your child. All this to say that the possibilities are endless.

You are the first to know your needs and what to expect. Therefore, it is best to establish a ritual that suits you. Usually this involves simple gestures.

However, a morning routine Effective often involves a few similar steps. Namely:

  • Waking up an hour earlier than usual;
  • Get up immediately after the alarm (without snoozing);
  • Hydration (a glass of water);
  • 5 minutes of meditation;
  • 20 minutes of physical exercise;
  • A good shower;
  • A healthy breakfast, accompanied by a drink of your choice (coffee, tea, matcha, fruit juice, etc.).

And you are ready for your day!

To help you maintain this habit, you can also train a morning routine chart and put it in view. You can also find morning routines printable on the Internet, if you like.

What products to integrate into your morning routine?

The success of this process also depends on the products you select. For the care of face, you morning routine In particular, you can integrate organic and 100% natural beauty products. We can never tell you enough that there is no point in overloading your skin, applying different creams, layer after layer. The best thing is still to opt for a minimalist routine.

Of course, you should also think about your diet for your morning routine. Eating a healthy, balanced breakfast will actually give you the energy you need to last until lunch. Food supplements can also be your best ally in this case. They will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function well throughout the day.

Effective morning routine – why not get inspired by Emna?

Emna Everard, the founder of Kazidomi, share with you she morning routine to inspire you to adopt yours too.

And this is how the founder of Kazidomi ensures her efficiency and productivity every day with a morning routine successful.

Miraculous morning: an excellent read?

Did you know that there is a personal development book that can help you in this new adventure? The Miraculous morning by Hal Elrod. Then, the American author suggests 6 practices to make his morning routine. He called them “ life jacket “. SAVINGS for:

Succeeding in your morning routine: what to remember?


Have a morning routine (and night also for that matter) offers many significant advantages. First, save time to enjoy your own company. Enough to start the day with an activity that makes you happy.

TO beauty routine natural, of course, but also to enjoy a good and healthy breakfast. The choice of products (be it for facial care or for food) is crucial here. Therefore, choose 100% organic products that are more respectful of your body, your skin and the environment. Everyone wins!

However, it is true that creating a morning routine is not easy. And this is all the more true when you have to make it a habit. So here are some final recommendations from Kazidomi to make this morning ritual almost a jerk.

And there you go! So what time will you wake up tomorrow?

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