more than 20 million people have received a dose of anti-Covid vaccine

The vaccination campaign continues throughout the Canal: more than 20 million Britons received the first dose of the Covid vaccine, the government rejoiced, on Sunday, February 28. Boris Johnson praised “a great national achievement” on Twitter and recalled that “every injection make a difference in our battle against Covid “.

By his side, the Health Minister said he was “absolutely delighted” for having crossed this new level. Matt Hancock thanked “everyone who showed up for an injection”, recalling that “we know with increasingly certain that the vaccine is protecting youThe vaccination campaign, he judges, “is the way out” for the country. “There is still a long way to go but we are making great strides,” he added in a statement in a video posted on Twitter.

According to government figures, released on Sunday, 20,089,551 first doses have been administered, the number of second doses is 796,132. Very affected by the pandemic with around 123,000 dead, United Kingdom and its 66 million inhabitants are trying to contain the spread of the epidemic while the new variant detected in their territory is especially contagious.

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