More than 130 Secret Service officers are said to have contracted the coronavirus or quarantined in the wake of the Trump campaign travel

The spread of the Coronavirus – which marginalized nearly 10 percent of the agency’s core security team – is believed to be linked in part to President Trump’s campaign rallies in the weeks leading up to the November 3 election, according to people who, like others interviewed for this, The report, they spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the situation.

In all, nearly 300 Secret Service officers and agents have had to be isolated or quarantined since March because they were infected or exposed to infected mates, according to two people familiar with the numbers.

The latest outbreak comes as coronavirus cases have risen rapidly across the country, with more than 177,000 new cases mentioned Friday.

This isn’t the first time the Secret Service has been hit hard by Trump and Vice President Pence’s decisions to travel during the pandemic. this summer, Dozens of Secret Service agents fell ill or were sidelined They were forced into quarantine following the president’s massive indoor march into the stadium in Tulsa in June and the vice president’s subsequent trip to Arizona.

At the time, Secret Service spokeswoman Catherine Millhwan said in a statement to the Washington Post that the agency “continues to systematically assess the unique requirements needed to operate in the ongoing pandemic environment.”

But Trump’s many private options put his protection team at increased risk, namely his choice to travel outside the state and hold large public events. The Secret Service agents and medical professionals were shocked Early last month when Trump – who at the time was being treated at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for coronavirus – insisted on making a ride outside the hospital to wave his supporters from inside a government sports car. He wore a cloth mask, but many feared that he would unnecessarily endanger Secret Service agents inside the car.

Derry defended the trip at the time, telling reporters, “Appropriate precautions have been taken in carrying out this movement to protect the president and everyone who supports it.” He said that the precautions included personal protective equipment, without going into details, and said that the trip “has been approved by the medical team as safe to take.”

While Many people are in Trump’s orbit They have contracted the virus this year, and the recent outbreak in the White House has been particularly widespread. Many patients have now attended last week’s campaign party in the East Room, or been exposed to someone who did.

Meadows was among those in the East Room of the White House when Trump made the remarks around 3 am Wednesday to a crowd of about 150 of his top aides, donors and allies, as well as family members. During the event, Meadows worked in the room on a large scale, without a mask, speaking to the dozens.

More than a dozen White House aides have tested positive for the virus in the past week, officials said, including a group of low-ranking aides and secretaries. The offices affected include political affairs, legislative affairs, and communications.

It was a positive diagnosis of the promoter I showed Last week, coupled with the fact that he urged employees not to disclose it. A person close to him said that the chief of staff is not expected to return to the office until next week.

People who attended a Wednesday night campaign party in the East Room who were around Meadows, Lewandowski and other now-ill staff say the White House has not contacted them.

Several employees said they are worried about going to work due to the outbreak. “I’m trying to work from home,” a senior administration official said on Wednesday afternoon. “It’s not really safe to be there now.”

Several aides said they were frustrated by the lack of transparency from their superiors, particularly Meadows, and that they had not notified more people of the diagnoses.

Julie Tate contributed to this report.

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