Moovic Hair Styling Tools And Beauty Accessories Comb Set (10 Piece Set)

price: 449.00 S.R – 315.00 S.R
(As of January 14, 2021 01:34:49 UT – details)

10 Pieces Hair Styling Combs Professional Styling Comb Set Great Variety For All Types And Hairstyles / Professional Salon And Salon Use Black Hair Combs Set 100% Brand New And High Quality 10 Pieces Combs In A Lightweight And Portable Set Each Hair Comb Has Its Own Styling Needs. Great for both home and professional hair combs they come in a clear and tidy box; perfect for styling, teasing, lifting, detangling, trimming or just combing hair combs.

PROFESSIONAL SALON QUALITY – Won’t scratch your scalp or get stuck in knots – great for adding volume to smooth or wavy hair
It works well with hair styling and chemical treatments
Designed for all hair lengths

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