Moisturizing Heel Socks for Heels and Feet with Silicone Gel by Dexe for Foot Care, Pain Relief and Cracked Heel Socks for Men and Women – Beige One Size – 1 Pair

price: 499.00 S.R 199.00 Indian Rupees
(As of January 27, 2021 08:01:15 UT – details)

Do you suffer from heel, foot or arch pain? Does plantar fasciitis weigh you down? The inability to walk or do daily activities can be very frustrating. Alayna Leather Heel Medical Socks is the product you are looking for. Heel socks provide full heel protection to keep your heels moist and cracked feet treatment. An easy and convenient way to protect your skin from painful irritation, dryness and cracking. Our heel protectors are reusable and easy to clean: wash by hand in warm soapy water, then air dry. Why bear the pain unnecessarily? Get this today and forget you suffered before. Perfect for: – All day wear, nurses, and hospitality workers – Runners, Athletes and Active People – People looking to kick more ass and get more each day – Perfect gift for friends or family who need it Why our customers love them: – Comfortable, Breathable, and Lightweight – Extremely Durable, Washable for Reuse – Special Air Vents.

Protection: keeps skin comfortably hydrated to prevent skin dryness and protect skin from cracking.
Extra Comfort: A soft, medical-grade silicone gel that hugs the heel for added cushioning, stability and comfort.
UNIVERSAL SIZE: Durable and stretchy design One size fits most feet.

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