Moderna vaccine is a big advantage over Pfizer

A participant in Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial received a shot at Accel Research Sites in DeLand, Florida, on August 4.
A participant in Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial receives a shot at Accel Research Sites in DeLand, Florida, on August 4. Paul Hennessy / NurPhoto / Getty Images

Moderna coronavirus vaccine is “94.5% effective” in preventing infection, according to early data released by the US biotechnology company on Monday.

The results come hot on the heels of the announcement by the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer Last week his vaccine was a 90% effective candidate.

Anthony Fauci, America’s chief infectious disease expert, said of Moderna news, it’s about as good as it gets – 94.5% really cool.

Initial results showed that the vaccine protects people from contracting mild and severe forms of Covid-19, according to the company.

In Moderna’s trial, 15,000 study participants were given a placebo, which is an injection of saline that has no effect. Over the course of several months, 90 of these people developed Covid-19.

Another 15,000 participants were given the vaccine, and five of them developed Covid-19.

Of those who received the placebo, 11 became seriously ill, but none of the vaccinated participants became very ill.

The company said its vaccine had no significant side effects. A small percentage of those treated experienced symptoms such as body aches and headaches.

Recent plans to apply to the US Food and Drug Administration for a license for its vaccine soon after more safety data is collected later this month.

Fauci said he expected the first vaccinations to start “in the last part of December, not the first part of December.”

How do vaccine candidates compare to Moderna and Pfizer: Moderna vaccine has some practical advantages over Pfizer. The Moderna vaccine can be kept in the freezer which is usually available in doctors’ offices and pharmacies, after which it can be stored in the refrigerator for 30 days. The Pfizer vaccine should stay cooler, and doctors’ offices and pharmacies don’t have freezers that are so low. After this, it can only stay in the refrigerator for five days.

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