Minecraft Star Wars Mash-up is a gigantic game-changing DLC

Minecraft this week revealed a massive DLC for Star Wars. This is an official Minecraft expansion pack for the entire Star Wars * universe. This differs from the few Star Wars character packs that were released in the past. This is what Minecraft calls “the largest DLC mix in Minecraft history!”

Minecraft Marketplace has this new Star Wars bundle starting this week. Inside the package you’ll find 12 different selfies of the planet. This includes a map, skin pack, “complete custom fabric set”, mob reskins, reskins, and official Star Wars music.

* Update: Where I say “the entire Star Wars universe”, I have to be a little more specific. This bundle does not include Prequels, Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV, Rebels, or supplement films. Instead, you get content from the following movies and shows:

• Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
• Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes
• Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi
Mandalorian (from Disney +)

The package includes the content as follows:
• 12 Star Wars Planet Dioramas “connected by Hyperspace travel”
• Tatooine, Houth, Indore, Nivaru, and more
• 36 Star Wars character skins
Flying ships
• Experimental vehicles
• Rideable blur
Death stars (plural)

As Orion Kellogg, chief producer of Lucasfilm Games, pointed out, “The good news here is that this is not a leather packaging. The Minecraft Star Wars DLC content provides an entire galaxy to explore with every bit of functionality you’d expect from a full-featured Minecraft experience – all-new building blocks, Collapsible ships, both the Death Stars, and the emperor’s presence, Jabba the Hat and the Child. ”

We’ll be exploring this package in Minecraft this week – check back while reporting on the value of this package. Is it worth the coins you must drop to get to this Mash-up in the Minecraft Market? we will see!

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