Microsoft reportedly wants to purchase Discord for more than $ 10 billion

Microsoft already has at least two communications platforms, so what’s the harm in having one more. For some time, Skype seemed to be the only solution for chatting and calling until later forced Slack and Zoom to scale up Microsoft Teams. Now there may be another connection, this time with a penchant toward gaming, as Redmond delves into conversations about buying Discord for much more than its recently appreciated value.

Although there were many programs and services that allowed players to communicate with each other, their setup was complicated, required some form of hosting, and access to it was limited. Discord brought the power of the cloud to the gaming fans and is quickly becoming a household name in the industry when it comes to text, voice and video chats.

This popularity attracted the attention of potential buyers, One of them is Microsoft According to the usual sources familiar with the undisclosed. The company is said to be interested in purchasing Discord for over $ 10 billion, which is much more than the $ 7 billion valuation it provided last year. Some analysts still don’t consider the service to be profitable because its revenue mostly comes from Nitro’s $ 9.99 / month subscription to get advanced features.

The Discord acquisition will fall under the Microsoft Xbox arm as its chairman Phil Spencer is said to be involved in the negotiations. Xbox was recently in a tour of the studio, including parent company Bethesda ZeniMax, and the Discord acquisition could boost the social aspects of the gaming platform. Xbox was recently seen silently renaming its online platform Xbox Live to “the Xbox Network,” almost like hinting at an upcoming shift in perspective.

However, the deal is not yet written in ink and could go either way. In addition to looking for other potential buyers, an insider reported that Discord might decide to roll it out to the public instead of selling itself.

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