Microsoft introduces the Xbox Series X user interface with new backgrounds

The Xbox Series X has been out for just over two weeks now, and it already has a new update that introduces some UI improvements via new wallpapers. Microsoft recently started rolling out a new software update for the console that brings new, fresh wallpapers for the Xbox Series X to slightly change its look.

The new wallpapers aim to refresh the user interface to make it look more “next-generation”. Whether or not you think it achieves this goal, one thing it definitely does is giving users more options in how to customize how the UI looks on their console. And more options are not a bad thing. Especially in this regard.

Xbox Series X acquires new Dynamic Wallpapers

Xbox Series X dynamic wallpapers

If you’ve got your hands on the Xbox Series X, you’ll soon be able to check out the number of new wallpapers available for yourself. These are called dynamic backgrounds. Similar to the PS4 dynamic themes, these new dynamic wallpapers for Xbox Series X should add some small bits of animation to the Home screen UI.

Based on Screen Capture Taken after an update, there seem to be around seven dynamic wallpapers. But there may be more. It’s also worth noting that the update appears to be rolling out as of this morning at some point. Which means that everyone may not own it yet. Although it is likely that the update will be rolled out to all consoles at the same time.

The update brings more than just new wallpapers

New wallpapers aren’t the only part of this new software update. The update also appears to include a tag that easily displays games that support auto HDR.

To check which games support this feature, all users have to do is click on the Guide button. If a game supports auto HDR, it will be displayed under the clock on the screen. This should be a very simple way to see whether or not to get the automatic HDR experience with the games you play.

There is also the possibility to set up the console with family member accounts if you wish to do so. Microsoft has also added the ability to pre-install some upcoming Game Pass games. Although it will not be all games. If you haven’t turned on your console in the last 24 hours, this might be a good time to do so to see if an update has been waiting for you.

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