Microsoft Bethesda acquisition to European Union approval

Last year, Microsoft announced that it had agreed to a deal to buy ZeniMax Media for $ 7.5 billion. This is a huge purchase in almost every sense of the word, as the huge amount Microsoft pays for ZeniMax will be raised by a number of new first-party game studios including Bethesda and id Software (among others). Today, Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax has been approved by the European Commission, which means it is the closest step to completion.

Moreover, the European Commission appears to have authorized the merger without any conditions. “The commission concluded that the proposed acquisition will not raise competition concerns, given the limited position of the combined entity in the market upstream and the presence of strong competitors in the distribution of video games,” the commission said in a statement. Declaration Today.

There are still two important questions about this merger. The first, obviously, is the question when the deal will close, but the second is what will happen as ZeniMax games move forward. Microsoft becomes the owner of a number of different franchises through this acquisition – Bethesda’s The Sheikh Scrolls And the Drops They are perhaps the two most famous series, but we have them too the death And the Earthquake From software identifier, Wolfenstein From MachineGames and insulting From Arkane Studios, not to mention unique titles or new series under development in those studios and other subsidiaries of ZeniMax.

Microsoft has already indicated the path it will take, as a number of ZeniMax games made their way to Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft has also confirmed that it will honor ZeniMax’s current exclusivity agreements, but what about future releases? Big franchises will like The Sheikh ScrollsAnd the Drops, And the the death Continue to be multi-platform? Microsoft has only indicated that it will decide this on a case-by-case basis.

Of course, it seems ludicrous for Microsoft to set aside so much money for ZeniMax just to keep releasing games on its competitors, but time will tell in the end. We’ll tell you more about this acquisition when there is additional news to share, so stay tuned.

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