MI6 apologizes for discrimination against gays

Richard Moore, head of the British secret service, presented on Friday, February 19 public apologies for the discriminatory treatment of homosexuals, who until 1991 were excluded from recruitment. The ban was “unfair and discriminatory,” said the head of MI6, British foreign intelligence, in a video on Twitter, posted on the 30th anniversary of the end of the measure.

Same-sex relationships have been decriminalized in 1967 in the UK. However, the ban on recruiting homosexuals into intelligence agencies for security reasons was maintained “due to the misconception that they were more likely to be blackmailed than straight people“remembers Richard Moore.” Committed, talented and concerned with the public interest have seen their careers and lives wasted, because they were objected that being LGBT + was incompatible with the intelligence profession, “he added.

“I apologize on behalf of MI6 for the way our LGBT + colleagues and fellow citizens have been treated,” he continued, expressing regret for “those whose lives have been affected.” The apology comes three days after the UK Defense Ministry announced that the former military officers who were fired from the military due to their sexual orientation or gender identity could now get their lost medals back.

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