Meghan Markle is ‘too free, too modern’ for royal family, says Trierweiler

On Monday I tore up an Instagram post about Meghan Markle. After all, everyone was giving their opinion, why not me? It was the day of the couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

I had already had the opportunity to paint the portrait of the Duchess of Sussex, I had immersed myself in her journey. So I know a little about its history. So I write on Instagram that if you had to choose your side, mine would be Meghan’s. because she is a free woman. And I reaffirm it here, you have my full support.

You can’t imagine the flood of comments. I don’t think I’ve had that many. Pros and cons. I realize that people are even starting to insult each other. As if humanity were all at once, divided in two: the pro Meghans versus the anti Meghans. As if this young woman were a kind of reincarnation of Messalina, wife of Emperor Claudius and mother of Britannicus, in 41 AD

A woman too free, too modern

He was accused of scandalous conduct, of participating in palace intrigues, and the emperor was accused of being under his control. We stop the comparisons there because we reproach him for unbridled morality (at the same time Meghan has been criticized for being a divorced woman) and Messaline ended very, very badly. After a failed suicide attempt, a soldier killed her.

Fortunately we have not arrived yet, because the couple preferred the flight, exile! But Meghan said it herself, she thought about suicide. And isn’t it death by fire to endure attacks of such violence day after day? I don’t blame the queen who subtly defused the crisis. However, I remind you that when Diana died, she had not been able to do the right thing and that it had cost her dearly at the time.

But who feeds the tabloids? The people of Buckingham Palace as in the time of Diana. And from the start Meghan had everything to dislike: commoner, American, divorcee, actress, elderly and mixed race. That’s a lot for a Royal Highness. In two words: too free, too modern.

A new life for Meghan and Harry

However, we saw her at first trying to fit in, take a step back, make the reference correctly and wear the little bibis to match the color of the dresses. But it was not the color of their dresses the objectivebut that of your skin.

Curiously, the English are open to respect for religions, but they are less so in terms of the color of their skin. Meghan was the first Métis person to join the family. And we understand that the royal family’s fear of their baby’s skin color It was the last straw.

Now Harry and Meghan are going to invent a new life. They also started, signed juicy contracts with Netflix and Spotify, like the Obamas. This is what they want to show, that they have almost the influence of the former presidential partner while the English monarchy will lose all its reason for being after Elizabeth II. But by then, the queen should celebrate 70 years of her reign on February 6, 2022 to be exact. And I accept all bets that Harry and Meghan will be there for the great reconciliation.

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