“McDonald’s is considering a partial sale of the digital unit,” he says

The two companies confirmed on Saturday that McDonald’s is considering selling a portion of digital startup Dynamic Yield, which it bought two years ago in an effort to boost car and in-restaurant purchases.

McDonald’s originally looked to the AI ​​business to offer consumers personalized digital promotions, which may vary depending on the time of day, weather, and wait times.

Dynamic Yield founder and CEO, Yad Agmon, said in a statement to AFP that a previous report in the Wall Street Journal confirmed that the company’s potential partial sale “has been discussed from the start, and now appears to be the right time to explore this possibility.” .

The company added, “We do not have a specific timetable for the potential sale.”

McDonald’s said in its own statement to AFP that it has developed the Dynamic Yield technology for use in a number of markets around the world and will continue to do so.

It said it would continue to test “new approaches” in order to better serve the changing needs of its clients.

McDonald’s purchase of Dynamic Yield for 2019 at more than $ 300 million represents the US-based group’s largest purchase in years.

Company executives portrayed him as a key component of McDonald’s digital strategy.

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