Maryland sets a new record for one-day coronavirus cases

Maryland reported a new record for one-day coronavirus cases on Saturday as the country saw a spike in positive test results.

governor. Larry Hogan (pictured right) announced that the state has added 2,321 new cases of COVID-19, the “largest daily increase by far” Maryland has seen since the pandemic began earlier this year. The statewide rate of positive test results is now 6.16%, and the number of hospital admissions has increased by 120% over the past month.

“I want to remind Maryland residents that the statewide mask mandate carries the full force of the law.” Hogan warned on Twitter that companies that do not comply with emergency orders run the risk of imprisonment, purposes, or actions taken in connection with their business licenses or closure.

“Our ability to withstand the increase this fall and prevent our hospitals from overcrowding will depend on everyone in Maryland exercising their personal responsibility. Wash your hands often, practice physical distancing, avoid large gatherings, and #MasksOnMaryland.”

The news comes as neighboring Virginia and the District of Columbia are seeing a spike in cases as well.

The Virginia Department of Health recorded 1,537 new cases on Saturday, and the capital saw 159 new cases Thursday, according to the latest data available on the Washington Department of Health website.

The rise in cases in the metropolitan area, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) comes as the region is seeing an influx of people from outside the state coming to Washington.

This week, the House of Representatives hosted a new member directive, welcoming incoming lawmakers from across the country. There is also a pro-Trump rally in the region, which is attended by a deluge of unstable personalities.

Other states outside the DMV region saw spikes in cases. New Jersey. Phil Murphy (Diem) announced Saturday that his state saw nearly 4,400 new cases on Friday.

“These numbers are worrying and worrying, to say the least. Wear a mask. Social distancing. He said on Twitter.”

The worrying increase in the number of cases across the country comes before winter, when experts say the pandemic will worsen as social events move inward, as the virus spreads more easily.

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