macOS Big Sur 11.3 for iOS game console emulation

The M1 Macs are becoming a true powerhouse, not only outperforming their Intel equivalents in terms of performance, but also boasting the ability to run some iOS and iPadOS apps. Of course, it’s not like some magical hardware that makes any and all of its mobile apps compatible with Apple’s new computers, and there are definitely some very tough corners that still need to be settled. One of those areas is gaming, an area that the next macOS update may finally address with in-game console emulation.

Support for iOS and iPadOS app launch is neither automatic nor perfect. Developers should indicate that they want their macOS apps to run on M1 Macs. However, even when they do, not all apps may work perfectly on a desktop or laptop context, at least not without some modification. This is true for “regular” applications, but it is even more true for games.

Games on the iPhone and iPad are primarily designed with touch controls in mind, while some support the few game controllers that are compatible with Apple’s mobile platforms. When it comes to operating these devices on Macs, only the latter can be directly supported by connecting a controller. As for the rest of the iOS games out there, Apple will, fortunately, offer new ways for those with keyboards and mice to join the fun.

MacRumors Reports In the new touch alternatives and game control settings available when playing iOS and iPadOS games on the M1 Mac. Game Control allows users to assign control buttons to keyboard keys and trackpad actions while Touch Alternatives assign touch gestures such as swiping or even tilting the phone to keyboards and touchpads as well.

These new features have been spotted in macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta, which indicates that they will be present in the latest release of the release. The beta also adds support for the new PS5 and Xbox One X consoles, allowing the M1 Macs to become even better game machines.

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