Lu Shaye is “used to the fact,” says a specialist

Diplomatic relations are becoming more complicated between China and Europe. In the last event to date, the Chinese have sanctioned diplomats and personalities, in particular denying access on Chinese soil. So what the Chinese ambassador to France is summoned to the Quai d’Orsay, this Tuesday, March 23, François Godement, a historian specializing in Asia at the Montaigne Institute, estimates that “the fact that China is practicing increasingly aggressive diplomacy” explains this climate of tension.

“China wants sanction, far beyond its territory, which is critical, of the imprisonment, is soured “met in advance of the history who rappels that” the European Union to pris des sanctions against quatre responsible for the repression in Xinjiang, that the États-Unis qualifient de genocide “. According to him, “clearly there is a western coordination” “in its measures relating to human rights”.

After the insults to which Antoine Blondaz was subjected by the Chinese ambassador to France, François Godement made it known that Lu Shaye is “used to the fact”. “Last year he accused nursing home staff of abandoning and starving residents during the pandemic, which had already been worth it. a call from the Quai d’Orsay“, specify.

“It has a kind of competition between Chinese diplomats to be the one who goes the furthest, the strongest and there is no doubt that Lu Shaye is in the lead ”, adds the historian.

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