Long Feeding Tongs NJ Aquarium Tongs, Stainless Steel Straight Aquarium Tongs For Aquarium Plants Extra Long Tongs: 13 ” Long

price: 950.00 Indian Rupees – INR 349.00
(As of January 13, 2021 11:43:47 UTC – details)

Our pet fish feed tongs are made of durable and high quality stainless steel with a smooth, durable and anti-rust brushed treatment surface. Perfect Reptile Feeding Tweezers, Lizard Bearded Dragon Gecko Snake Spider Bird, also great for all kinds of ornamental plants, aquatic animals, corals, substrate, pebbles and other decorations. Specifications: Color: Silver Material: Stainless Steel Surface Finished: Brushed Polished Dimensions: Length 13 Inch (33 cm) Tweezers Package Included: 1x Straight Tongs Please Note: For long-lasting and safety use, please remember to rinse and dry it with water after each use, and keep away from Children and pets.

13cm (33cm) long and slim design, ideal for removing surgical dressings, garden or aquarium cleaning, food painting, hot frying, sushi serving, hair pulling, electrical repairs, crafts and many more!
The straight forceps have serrated tips to help hold things securely without slipping. The corrugated handle will provide a secure and comfortable grip on your fingers.
Specially designed precision clamp tip, no harm to small or delicate water plants, and help prevent accidental injury to reptile mouth.
Perfect for all kinds of aquarium plants, substrate, pebbles, and other decorations. Remember to rinse and dry after each use, avoiding children and pets.

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