London asks for proof of Princess Latifa’s life

the head of British diplomacy requested on Wednesday (February 17) proof of life for Princess Latifa, the daughter of the sovereign of Dubai, who says she is being “held hostage” and fears for her life in videos transmitted by the BBC Y Sky News. “These are very distressing photographs, a very difficult case. And I think it’s worrying,” he said. Dominic raab on Sky News. “People would like … to see her alive and in good health, … and we would certainly be happy about that,” he added.

This matter “concerns us,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reporters, “but the United Nations Human Rights Commission he’s looking into that and what we’re going to do is wait and see how they go. “

The 35-year-old princess, daughter of Mohammed ben Rached al-Maktoum, ruler of the Emirate of Dubai and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, had tried unsuccessfully to escape by boat from this gulf city-state in 2018, before going back there.

A “villa transformed into a prison”

His relatives transmitted videos in which the thirty-year-old says that she is locked up in a “villa converted into a prison” with windows blocked and guarded by the police. They say they haven’t heard from her anymore. “I worry every day for my safety and my life (…) the police have told me that I will be in jail my whole life and that I will never see the sun again,” he says. Latifa.

After issuing the report, a spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights indicated to BBC I would ask the UAE about the princess. Dominic raab he felt that this was the “right way to go” and that London “will be watching this very closely”.

Arrested in Dubai, London-based association whose objective is to provide legal assistance to victims of injustice Emirates, found “deeply disturbing” the fact that the last video recording of the princess “appears to have been made in 2019, and that there has been no news from Latifa since.”

“The United Arab Emirates must release her immediately and unconditionally.”

“The United Arab Emirates must release her immediately and unconditionally,” he insisted. Radha stirling, the president of the organization in a press release. In March 2020, the British justice ruled that the ruler of the emirate of Dubai had ordered the kidnapping of two of his daughters, Latifa and Shamsa.

At just 18 years old, the latter tried to run away from her father in 2000 while on vacation in England. According to the account of Latifa, the girl was found after two months on the run, “drugged”, returned to Dubai and “locked up”.

The British justice had ruled in contrary proceedings Emir of Dubai to Princess Haya. Become the Emirati sovereign’s sixth wife in 2004, the latter had caused a sensation in 2019 by fleeing to London, taking her two children with her.

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