Linksys turns your entire smart home into a motion sensor

If you are concerned about home security, you may want to check out Linksys Aware, as the company will use it to convert your entire smart home into a motion sensor.

Beginning early this year, Linksys will release an update to its Linksys Aware service that will use its network guidance system to convert other smart home products into motion sensors to detect movement.

Linksys Aware delivers this kind of by taking advantage of access points to the router’s mesh for the same purpose. But this upcoming new update expands this through the use of other smart home devices. Which provides many benefits over Linksys Aware in its current state.

Linksys will release a smart home motion sensor update in March

According to Linksys, the update boosting Aware service will start in March and run through April.

So it will take 2 months before users expect these changes to happen. Once the update starts, Linksys Aware will contact any other smart home products to use as additional motion sensing access points.

These devices will, of course, need to be fixed. So Linksys Aware will not contact your Roomba as it cleans your floors. But if you have Echo speakers or Nest Hubs around, or any combination of smart bulbs, thermostats, coffee makers and more, they can function as more coverage points along with network routers.

This will make it easier to detect any movement in the house as there should be fewer dead spots. It would likely help with a more accurate detection as well.

There’s also a new grille steering system coming

Just like yesterday’s announcement from NETGEAR, Linksys is launching new routers with the main component that supports WiFi 6E.

Even more is a new mesh steering system with this technology. It is called AXE8400This new mesh system is a series of tri-band routers. It provides 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz bands for communication.

Additionally, it also offers four 1Gbps Ethernet ports on the back. And since this is a network system, you can link multiple access points together and even use them with the new Linksys Aware update.

Linksys plans to release the new AXE8400 routers in late spring and early summer this year. The router will start at $ 449.99. So routers are not cheap. If you need more coverage, two packs are available for $ 849.99, or a triple pack will be available for $ 1,199.99.

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