Lify Portable Travel Bags, Space Saving Storage Bags – Pack of 10 (Aqua Blue 10 Pcs, 16 x 12“)

price: 499.00 S.R 295.00 Indian Rupees
(As of January 25, 2021 08:02:58 UT – details)

Every season ends, you need to organize non-seasonal shoes in your closet or under the bed, if you put the shoes in the closet or directly under the bed, it will be very dirty when you wear it next season, the shoe bags will protect your shoes clean, you don’t need to take out every pair and find out which pairs You stored it in it from the transparent window. There are two shoe storage sizes in different sizes, the medium size is for slippers, sandals, leather shoes, etc. Big size is suitable for high heel shoes, boots, etc. These shoe bags are a good helper for a home shoe cabinet or off-season shoe organization. Firstly, it is very smart and portable. When preparing for a travel or business trip, you usually need to change a pair of shoes in different situations. These shoe bags will divide the shoes into your clothes or other items and keep them clean. With these shoe bags today, discover how easy it is to take your shoes with you wherever you go! Package includes: Pack of 10 Shoe Bags
Travel Lighter – When it comes to travel accessories, this shoe organizer is the perfect luggage solution. Avoid flimsy plastic bags or large hard bags and save space when you pack our shoe bags.
Avoid Smelly Shoes – Prevent Bad Smell: Men, ladies, girls and boys never have to worry about packing smelly shoes with their clean clothes while traveling with our shoe bags.
Size : 16 ″ X12 (suitable for all shoes) Large size suitable for slippers, sandals, leather shoes, high-heeled shoes, shoes, etc.
Material: Made of high quality non-woven fabric with thick drawstring for comfortable organization, gentle drawing and durable use. Easy to carry: With the drawstring, it is more convenient to carry.

Lify blue inch water bags package organizer piece by piece space-saving travel and portable shoe bags

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