LifeProof launches eco-friendly cases for Samsung Galaxy S21

LifeProof It steps up for the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S21 5G series with no fewer than three cases and a new screen protector. Or, more precisely, two cases – with an additional antimicrobial option.

The new cases, called the LifeProof WĀKE and NËXT, are designed to take care of the new, expensive Samsung phones. For clarity, you can protect the new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G at $ 799, $ 999 Galaxy S21 + 5G, and $ 1,299 Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. But they take things a little further than other cases often do, which helps you protect the environment.

LifeProof WĀKE, for example, is a protective case made of 85 percent recycled plastic. On the contrary, the LifeProof NËXT is made from 55 percent recycled plastics.

Three protection options for LifeProof’s three Samsung Galaxy S21 phones

However, there are some differences between the cases other than how environmentally friendly they are. And, as noted above, there are actually three options here. LifeProof WĀKE is a solid color box with an undulating pattern sculptural accents. It has also been rated as withstand falls of two meters – that’s just over six and a half feet. It achieves this while maintaining a slim look.

The box is available in three colors. There is a standard “black” variation, for those who want to keep things simple. But there are also green and blue variants, which come in orange or green accents, respectively.

LifeProof NËXT is a more robust two-piece offering, offering 6.6 feet drop protection but in a smoother format. There are two options here, either antimicrobial or not, but the same colors are available and pricing is identical regardless of the choice. Each of the color configurations starts with a clear back panel and an open front. This is in contrast to the cases that come with a built-in screen. The edges are colored in either Napa Purple Lavendar or black.

For LifeProof NËXT, cases also come with sealed port covers.

Last but not least, in addition to cases, LifeProof has also updated its Alpha Flex line of screen protectors to include the new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G series. That way, when you finally need to replace the pre-installed condom, buyers can wait for some spare parts.

So how much does it cost to protect your investment?

Now, the pricing of LifeProof’s new protective equipment and cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G series is the same across the board. More briefly, no matter which phone to protect, the price will remain the same for LifeProof cases. And of course, the color and style options are the same across the board, too.

The LifeProof WĀKE is available in blue / green, green / orange, and black configurations for only $ 39.99. Conversely, a clear NËXT bag in lavender or black accents can be purchased for $ 79.99. And this MSRP is the same regardless of whether the antimicrobial or the standard version is purchased.

Finally, the new flagship Samsung’s Alpha Flex screen protector works at $ 39.95.

LifeProof Cases for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

LifeProof Cases for Samsung Galaxy S21 + 5G

LifeProof Cases for Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

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