LG is bringing OLED to its latest 4K UltraFine Display

LG announced its 4K UltraFine Display OLED Pro at CES 2021 today. This makes it The first OLED Screen from LG.

The LG 4K UltraFine Display OLED Pro is a 31.5-inch 4K display that features individual dimming of all 8 million pixels on this screen. That’s the beauty of OLED, as each pixel is illuminated individually, unlike LCD.

According to LG, this screen is 99 percent accurate DCI-P3 and Adobe RBG. Which means you will get realistic colors from this screen. These are the two most frequently used standards for photography and videographers. This means that this would be great for those who do video and photo editing.

The 4K UltraFine Display OLED Pro also loads quite a few connections. We’re looking for USB-C, three USB ports, two DisplayPort connections and of course, HDMI. So there are tons of ways to connect your laptop, game console, or whatever else to your new screen. And since it uses USB-C, this means you can use a single cable to connect your laptop to the display and charge it at the same time. Which is really impressive.

When can I buy it?

As is the usual trend at CES, LG hasn’t announced when you can purchase the 4K UltraFine Display OLED Pro or how much it will cost. But given LG’s other 4K UltraFine displays were north of $ 1,000, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this display above this price point. Especially since OLED is much more expensive than LCD.

This screen isn’t going to be cheap, and given it’s not available, it likely won’t launch until the second half of the year, or later. So don’t expect to head over to Best Buy and get it in two weeks.

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