Legendary coach Lou Holtz has tested positive for the Coronavirus

Lou Holtz, a former football coach for Notre Dame and South Carolina, has been diagnosed with COVID-19, according to a report released Thursday. ABC Colombia.

Holtz, 83, told ABC’s subsidiary based in the South Carolina capital that he was feeling overwhelmed.

“I don’t have much energy at the moment,” said Holtz, who is also a former analyst at ESPN.

Holtz – a supporter of President Donald Trump who will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom – is not the first legendary college coach to be infected with the Coronavirus. Former Florida State Coach Bobby Bowden, 91, He was hospitalized with the virus last monthBut he recovered and was discharged from hospital and thanked family, friends and fans for their support throughout it His “hard” shift with the virus.

Holtz was a supporter of playing college football during the pandemic if players had no preconditions and presented the case in August while appearing on Fox News with Bill Hummer.

“When they stormed into Normandy, they knew there would be casualties, and there would be risks,” Holtz said at the time. “2% of people who go to the emergency room go to COVID-19. But young people, Bill, think it’s like cancer. They think they’ll die.”

All major conferences are now running, but many games had to be postponed because some teams had contracted the virus.

Holtz was head coach for 33 seasons. He spent 11 seasons at Notre Dame 1986-1996 and had a career 110-30-2 record with Fighting Irish. In 1988 Holtz led Notre Dame to a 12-0 record, including a win in the Fiesta Bowl Bowl, to finish the season with # 1 in the AP Top 25.

After a two-year hiatus, Holtz became a coach for South Carolina in 1999 and coached six seasons with the school, achieving a record 33-37. Prior to Notre Dame, Holtz worked as coach in William & Mary, North Carolina, Arkansas and Minnesota.

Holtz also coached the Jets in 1976, but he only lasted one season in which he went 3–10.

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