Leafythings is the most comprehensive source of information in Canada for cannabis sellers and users

At the end of 2018, Canada made history by becoming the first major economic power to legalize recreational and medical marijuana.

This wasn’t just a boon for casual smokers and those taking advantage of the medicinal properties of marijuana. It has been a boon for everyone, adding an estimated $ 8 billion to the country’s national economy through farming, delivery, packaging, retailing, marketing, and late-night snack sales.

But despite the start of this enlightened era, a mystery remains related to marijuana: how to record the good stuff and sell it.

Thankfully, help is on hand in the form of Leafythings, your one-stop shop for all things cannabis related, including where to find it, the best products, and more information besides that.

Whether you are a user or a supplier, Leafythings is designed to help you navigate a complex network of providers, deliveries, dispensaries, doctors, etc.

It does this through a straightforward interface that lets you browse by brand, mail order resource, conductor, dispensary, doctor, and deals.

Each entry in each category comes with its own star rating also created by the user, so you can depend on the service or product you choose. For example, clicking Tasty THC in the Brands section will give you access to reviews left by previous customers, so you know what you’re getting.

You will also see links to the website and the brand’s email address, a list of the various ordering options, and a link to any deals being played.

Meanwhile, the Mail Order section will take you to a list of all the companies that provide mail order service. Click on any of them and you will be able to browse the full list of products. Plus, the map tool lets you learn about suppliers and products in your vicinity in a jiffy.

In addition to being a great tool for clients and retailers alike, Leafythings is a collection of updated information on Canadian hemp laws, including how to prepare yourself as a grower and supplier if you are looking for a new job.

You can download Leafythings now to an App Store And the Google apps But only if you are a resident of Canada.

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