Leaders say Colorado universities and colleges could face further cuts if the state does not refinance

Written by Jason Gonzalez Colorado chalk

Fearing widespread layoffs and possibly big cuts to student services, leaders of public colleges and universities in Colorado are pressing lawmakers to take back the $ 493 million the state cut their budgets last year.

Academic leaders campaign as if the health, and perhaps existence, of their universities are at stake. And with good reason: When Colorado slashed its budgets during two previous recessions, colleges never fully recovered.

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Metropolitan State University, Denver President Janine Davidson said university presidents are presenting a united front on restoring funding because “at some point you have to say that isn’t working.”

And the Adams State University President Cheryl Lovell said colleges have done their part in balancing budgets last year Returning to the 2019-20 funding level will be a positive step for colleges and their students.

We are united in that message, Lovell said.

governor. Jared Polis and House and Senate leaders have said they appreciate the reinstatement of the 58% cut the state imposed last year to help balance the budget as the pandemic consumed revenue and raised expenditures.

But some lawmakers stumbled, saying they wanted to wait for the budget projections.

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