L214 association reveals “unbearable” images of breeding pigs

The association for the defense of animals L214 broadcast on Monday, January 25 a video of rotten pigs adopted from a breeding farm in the Côtes d’Armor. “A vision of horror,” describes the association in a press release. About twenty corpses lie on the floor of one of the rooms. In other rooms, other bodies, sometimes almost skeletonized, are nibbled by rats. A wheelbarrow full of bones is lying in the room. ‘exploitation’.

The events would have occurred between August and December 2020 and the bodies were still “scattered in the brood” on January 13. “Neither the veterinary services of the department, nor the Cooperl have been able to identify the faults of the breeder and even less to overcome his deficiencies,” says L214, announcing file a complaint “for cruelty and abandonment of animals to the public prosecutor of Saint-Brieuc “.

Images “unbearable”

La Cooperl, the French leader in the pig sector, also judged the “unbearable” images. It also states that this kennel was “physically closed” at the end of May 2020 “by the breeder at the request of his veterinarian.” “In view of the video, the asphyxiated dead animals remained at the scene without informing the cooperative or the rendering company,” he said.

The Cooperl, which produced 2.4 billion euros in sales in 2019, evokes “the moral and economic fragility of the breeder, whose company is bankrupt.” The “Cooperl continues to support this breeder to help him leave the profession,” the statement continued.

The National Assembly must examine as of Tuesday, January 26 a majority bill against the animal abuse, which does not address the issue of intensive farming.

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