Khalladi’s humor: Ravi Teja promises to fully satisfy fans

Telugu star Ravi Teja Tuesday, a glimpse of his upcoming movie “Khiladi” on the occasion of his 53rd birthday. The joke is nothing but a live version of an animated poster. All we get is 30 seconds of Ravi Teja walking in slow motion through a cloud of smoke as the breeze gently breaks his hair.

And if that glimpse is anything to go by, the only important component of Khiladi is Ravi Teja. It seems that director Ramesh Varma Binmetsa has nothing exciting and refreshing to offer in terms of story, setting and narration. Khiladi looks like a typical Ravi Teja movie with ultra-clear action sequences that are usually played after loud lines alongside a meaningless storyline. Complete fan satisfaction.

Khiladi, starring Dembel Hayathi and Kashaf Deepak, appeared a few weeks ago in Hyderabad. Devi Sri Prasad is recording the music for the movie, which was funded by Satyanarayana Koneru of Abhishek Studios LLP and Pen India Limited. The movie is expected to be ready for this summer.

Ravi Teja is currently enjoying the box office success of his latest movie Crack. The Cop drama released during Sankranti’s holiday is described as “The first Telugu blockbuster movie in 2021”. Besides keeping critique records ringing at the box office, the movie also surprisingly received mostly positive reviews. The film’s success gave much-needed confidence to other Telugu filmmakers to release their new films within pandemic.

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