KeyMander 2 mobile adapter turns Apple TV and iPhone into a gaming console

The folks at Kaliber Gaming, part of IOGear, unveiled the Kaliber Gaming KeyMander 2 mobile keyboard / mouse adapter to the public today. This is the latest in the series of “Game Console Adapters” sold by the company. This device, i.e. the player, allows you to use the keyboard and mouse on any iPhone, iPad or Apple TV device with Apple Arcade and / or Apple App Store games and / or other game streaming services.

Combine this switch with a streaming service such as PlayStation Remote Play or the iOS Xbox app to play games commonly converted to console consoles – now with keyboard and mouse. This is generally the case with console adapters like these – they allow you to control games with controllers other than the ones they were meant to be controlling.

According to IOGear, this latest switch allows users to play “1,000+ mobile and cloud-based games with their favorite keyboard and mouse, whether or not the game supports them locally.” KeyMander 2 Mobile allows users to create “one-touch button combinations” with macro functions, and move between a keyboard, mouse, or third-party controller with ease.

We’ll see more about how to program KeyMander 2 Mobile and how “Bluetooth Programming, Enabling Wireless Modifications on the Move from Mobile Devices” really works. KeyMander 2 Mobile will be available for sale starting in the second quarter of 2021 in the US and Canada. The device will cost approximately $ 89.95 from select retailers plus Amazon and B&H Photo / Video.

Note: This is not the first switch of this type made by the same crew. We revised the original KeyMander all the time in April of 2014. At the time it was all about Xbox One, keyboards and the idea that using a device like this might be akin to “cheating”. It all depends on who you ask!

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